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Recipes India has been known as the land of spices for centuries. The wide spectrum of Indian spices are loved and desired by foodies all across the world. India has got a varied heritage and huge diversity in terms of regions and cultures. Every Indian region has specialized cuisines and diverse style of food preparations. An appetizing Indian meal keeps us all healthy and full of energy for an energetic tomorrow. Home cooked Indian food adds real value to life. Regional Indian food has diverse styles of preparations and unique ingredients used in the preparations which make a dish appetizing and tempting. Spices are what make Indian food so special. They have been known to be more valuable than gold in history! Spices are abundantly found across India and are prepared from flowers, leaves, roots, bark or seeds of various trees and plants. They are known for multiple health benefits that they provide. Understanding the health benefits of each ingredient and knowing the exact flavor that it will add to the food is necessary while preparing a delicious Indian preparation. For an instance if one tries using some crushed curry leaves and Cardamom in mixed vegetable it will not only add to the taste; moreover it shall also help in digestion. Few of the most .monly used of the entire spectrum of spices are: Cardamom It is found to be useful for digestion and also acts like a stimulant. It is a valuable flavoring agent for medicine preparations for treating indigestion and flatulence. It has been widely used in dental products for fighting bad breath and to flavor tooth cleaners. Cinnamon is another spice used across the world for medicinal uses for centuries. Cinnamon’s is a type of bark from which oil can also be extracted. It adds a unique & sweet flavor to food. Cloves Clove is another spice which is used for medical purposes numerous health studies, including studies showing benefit for the prevention of toxicity from environmental pollutants, such as carbon tetrachloride, prevention of digestive tract cancers and treatment of joint inflammation. Turmeric: Has a very intense, bright yellow-orange color and bitter taste. It is used in "almost" all vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations in Indian cooking. It has been known to have antiseptic properties. Fennel: Fennel is a crisp and slightly sweet aromatic herb normally used in Indian cooking to add flavor to food. Along with adding flavor; Fennel seeds are also useful due to its carminative, diuretic and mild stimulant qualities. Fennel seeds are used for both culinary and medical purposes. Versatility in Indian Regional Food is marked with some .mon aspects: South India food largely has variety of Dosas served with Sambhar made up of the choicest of spices. Its aroma and flavor is loved by millions of people across the globe. North Indian food also is well known globally for the rich and spicy curries and kebabs which are flavored using special Indian spices! Kashmir, famous for the visual beauty also has given some wonderful preparations to the world. Kesar found in this region is extensively used in preparation of sweetmeats and other dishes. The far eastern and western coastal delicacies spiced up with a special blend of spices along with – Coconut which holds a special place in the Indian menu. Mothers Recipe has successfully identified with all these regional peculiarities. They offer wide range of products and Spice Mixes made especially with blend of exotic spices and a regional thought behind each to help you to make delicious Indian preparations and the enjoy all of regional food variety together in your kitchen no matter where you stay. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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