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Robin Li redefined the Baidu core at the mobile Internet era past – newspaper reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported today that if a company has not been established, or no bigger, rely on the mobile Internet outlet has no longer possible unicorn." November 16th, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li said at the third annual Internet Conference in Wuzhen. He believes that the mobile Internet era is over, the era of artificial intelligence is coming. For Baidu, the health care is an important branch of its Baidu brain. Mobile Internet era in the past, Robin Li has come to Wuzhen for the third time. In his eyes, the Internet environment in Wuzhen has undergone tremendous changes. Covered everywhere free WiFi Internet, smart parking, smart medical…… Just two years, Wuzhen has become a veritable Internet town. We do the Internet, in particular, like to see such a rapid change." Robin Li said, even before the Internet, the development of the IT industry for decades has been accompanied by rapid technological and market changes, these changes bring various kinds of surprises to people, it also brings some does not adapt. In his view, these changes in the Internet will have a profound impact on our society, but also to a lot of people have brought something that did not think of the past. "I think that today the Internet has been in a new stage, two years ago when I came to Wuzhen, we also say, how to adapt to the mobile Internet era, today I want to say is the mobile Internet era has ended." Robin Li said. He explained that this is not to say that we will not use the phone to the Internet, but because the market has entered a relatively stable stage of development, the Internet population penetration has exceeded 50%. He takes Baidu for example. Baidu was founded less than 10 million of Chinese Internet users, today is the number of Chinese Internet users, Baidu is very fortunate to have been followed by a small number of Internet users in China’s Internet market to a larger amount of. But the future of mobile Internet will not have a similar opportunity. Artificial intelligence is seen as the coming of a new era. In fact, in September this year, held in the 2016 Baidu World Conference, Robin Li has made it clear that, after the mobile Internet is the next scene? In fact, it is now clear that what we call artificial intelligence." Robin Li’s definition of artificial intelligence is the core of the core of Baidu. According to "China Times" reporter, at the World Conference on the Internet, Baidu driverless car home for the first time in the open city on the road operation in Wuzhen road at midnight. Today’s Baidu translation has been able to support more than 20 languages, more than 700 kinds of translation. Robin Li also believes that things really get up when it is not far away. Whether it is the home of the TV, refrigerator, or now sitting chairs, tables, you can use natural language dialogue with it. Baidu medical brain landing artificial intelligence on Baidu.相关的主题文章:

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