Rouge Zhao Liying Lu Yixiu tyrants pull mad cool ten Almighty – in the new network ravbin

"Rouge" Zhao Liying Lu Yixiu "tyrants pull mad cool ten Almighty" – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Qi) directed by Xu Jizhou, Zhao Liying, Lu Yi starred in the Spy Drama "rouge" 7:30 last night at the Oriental TV broadcasting. This is a rare in women from the perspective of the Spy Drama, Zhao Liying first appeared in the Spy Drama, high color value, Lu Yi and composition of high intelligence, high force value of the "three high" CP. In an interview yesterday, Zhao Liying expressed the hope that the present is not the same as the Spy Drama, "the former spy drama is the male perspective, although burning brain but sometimes I feel bored, so this time by the female perspective to explore the secret world, she lost her lover, friend, sacrificed so much, the heart is how to change? I’m feeling with the characters." Prior to the role of Zhao Liying, more clever and lovely image of the people, this time in the rouge, the embodiment of the spirit of some of the genius of female agents Zhao Liying". And asked her how to define the role, Zhao Liying simply given five words: Cool mad tyrants pull. In fact, a girl want to play the hero can not put a few handsome posture playing it so simple, in the first day, Zhao Liying was arranged a play, in an interview with her honest confession, he is afraid of. "A corridor, behind the bombing, very afraid. In the room has been said to himself ‘refueling refueling’, out of the room on a particularly calm to hold a gun, can not move can not blink. Shoot that scene is also hope that they can overcome a difficulty, it is necessary to complete it, and do their best to meet the difficulties can not be withdrawn." Compared to before Lu Yi and starred in the Spy Drama, "rouge" in Zhou Haoyu is a "ten decathlon". Since the mind has been so high energy, skill is not necessarily bad. Lu Yi smiled and said: "you can see me in this movie as an action star potential, the director wanted (action) a coherent shot down, more real. I’m inside especially hard, one shot, fly over the walls are. How did the basic moves with a substitute, not garish, but more ruthless that. A little more, in order to safety we will practice many times, will wear a lot of." For the play and Zhao Liying emotional drama, in view of the background, Lu Yi admitted that "peace ceremony ended with affection". "A lot of emotion is depressed, I remember Li Ying was tortured, I can only look at. That era, the most is to touch the head, take a look back, it means that I am helping you."相关的主题文章:

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