Sean Lau said his wife Guo Aiming has eyes turned to a diamond ring winflash

Sean Lau said his wife Guo Aiming to ring Guo Aiming vision coquetry and Sean Lau married 18 years, loving sweet, envy others. Sean Lau married to Guo Aiming, confessed to having a vision. Guo Aiming spoiled show hand nearly 2 million diamond ring, motioned for Sean Lau to send this little gift to her. Sean Lau and Guo Aiming co star in the 1992 episode "big time" after he fell in love. Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 14th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Sean Lau and Guo Aiming [micro-blog] [micro-blog] 18 years of marriage, is in the circle model couple, sweet love. Last night (October 12th) they wore blue couples dress to attend the brand activities, often photographed four heads of trading, others envy. Guo Aiming won the conference of HK $3 million 220 thousand to wear jewelry, one is the right ring finger 3.2 card diamond ring worth 1 million 927 thousand, plus two people happy "flash", so that the people are not open eyes flash almost open. Sean Lau and Guo Aiming love as the wedding, when it comes to wear couples dress show, Sean Lau says: "we face, the two men were wearing out, to behave together to pick, I look good. (choose a good wife?) OK you!" Guo Aiming usually asked Sean Lau will not send jewelry to her? She said she would send her birthday. Sean Lau laughs and says: "just began to have sent! Cooked after the……" "See the pressure of my life" will Sean Lau give her a small gift? Guo Aiming heard this funny to the hands of 1 million 927 thousand of the value of the show ring to Sean Lau, and then said: "husband, a small gift!" Sean Lau immediately flushed, but still play the funny character to the audience and said: "you see my life pressure!" Talk about Sean Lau in about 30000000 in Xigong and was refurbished to buy love nest wife? Sean Lau said with a smile: "Hongkong every day to buy a house, it is normal! I need a place to live, but she doesn’t have a place to live! It’s not the present." About 30000000 love is not present as production company named "small craft", with Sean Lau last year in the award award acceptance speech many netizens are of an identical nature, he coax happy, like he is a good husband? Sean Lau refers to the name he just made that up. For netizens’ eyes, Sean Lau said the most important we happy. Ask Guo Aiming is also very happy? She smiled and said, "OK."!" They reiterated that the production company is a convenient platform for work, is a simple start, no long-term plan. Cooperation "the big time" Sean Lau knot love in 1992 with Guo Aiming photographed drama "the big time" soon after, has been developed into lovers, sweet love, married in 1998. Their marriage life low-key, Guo Aiming gradually reduce the performance before the curtain, happy to do behind the woman of Sean Lau. Sometimes she will accompany Sean Lau to attend the event, but also husband and wife shooting advertising. (Ying Ying) (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章:

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