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UnCategorized A family of four from Leicestershire are currently living in fear after their home was deliberately set ablaze. A mother and her three children were awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of their smoke alarm only to find that flames were already touching the ceilings of their house. The woman immediately called 999 and spoke to the Fire Brigade who told her what to do to ensure that the fire could be contained, and she was then able to get her family out of the house safely. The fire occurred on 12 May 2009 and Police have said that it was started deliberately. The woman was at home with her three children, boys aged 16, 10 and 1 when the fire was started. Fortunately the smoke alarm detected the fire and was activated which fortunately awoke the family in time to get out of the house safely. All members of the family are reported to be "very shaken" after their ordeal. It appears that the front door of their house was doused with petrol and then set on fire at about 1am. The woman described being awoken by the sound of the smoke alarm, and then looking out of the window where she could see flames reflected on the garden gate. Running downstairs, and shouting for the children to wake up, she found the hallway filled with smoke, at which point she called 999. The woman went on to describe how she had then tried to extinguish the fire with her cardigan, and had then thrown water over it. Although understandably very distressed and upset by their ordeal, the family are doing their best to carry on living their lives as normally as they can. The two older children are sitting their SATS and GCSEs respectively so it is a stressful time for them anyway. The scene of the blaze was attended by three fire engines from the local fire brigade. The crew manager .mended the speedy actions of the woman in containing the blaze and getting her children out of the house, saying "If it hadn’t been for the prompt action of the occupants and the fire alarm working this could have been a very tragic incident". This is a clear indication that smoke alarms save lives. The fire is now the subject of a criminal investigation and the local police have appealed for witnesses who might be able to help them find out who is responsible for starting the fire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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