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Sohu fast Mobile Young cloud design UI contest officially launched – Sohu science and technology, the first Sohu station Mobile Young cloud design UI contest officially launched in November 9th. This contest is held by the Sohu stand fast, mobile page design,, social events, 1000 network BlueFocus Ogilvy Co. Competition for the domestic quality emerging designers, designed to select the most valuable mobile Internet era UI design work and the most innovative designers team. The evening of November 11th, held by Sohu fast station of the Internet era of good design seminar held in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. The seminar invited to BlueFocus chief design director Lucas Gao and digital Sohu stand senior designer Qi Xiaoyue two guests, and we exchange experience, share the story behind the design. Two guests from the mobile Internet era of design and application, UI efficient access to information from two angles, analysis of the design of the Internet era thinking. Which is, in art and design at the forefront of the current interpretation of discourse. Although it is in the double eleven this special holiday, there are still a lot of students came to the scene, actively participate in the lecture activities, many of whom are seriously taking notes. It is understood that during the game will be for a period of three weeks of lectures in the major art colleges, and invited to a number of successes in the industry design field, presents the speech content more exciting for everyone.相关的主题文章:

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