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South Korea not only Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, and little BAT and Samsung – Sohu of science and technology in October 28th, South Korea Seoul Walkerhill, in the colorful autumn lawn, a "tent" and open up a fresh outlook of venture capital investment fair, "Born 2 Global Camp Asia2016" South Korea Summit to a climax. This is built in the lawn tent venture capital forum, the company hopes to seamlessly venture capital companies and venture capital. Why China and South Korea to accelerate investment? "Now the external economic environment of China and South Korea has reached its best period. China’s capital and technology in the global scope of the right to speak more and more clear. Moreover, Chinese huge domestic market can be used successfully leveraging technology. South Korea is also in the creation of economic value system ", business ecosystem is growing fast, and the neighboring Chinese enterprise integration, will have a positive role in promoting the Korean enterprises, which is the fundamental reason for China to accelerate investment in the." The Bell and Yong said. Data from South Korea show that in 2015 China’s direct investment in Korea amounted to $1 billion 970 million, an increase of 70.6%. 2014, China’s investment in Korea up 147.2%. South Korea’s area and population is only equivalent to a province of Chinese, but in South Korea there are Samsung so globally competitive companies, as well as South Korea, South Korea, the Korean cultural and creative industries and other radiation throughout the Asian market industry. In February this year, Ali had spent 195 million yuan investment, South Korea’s largest entertainment company SM, and accounting for 4% of the shares, known as a star factory SM, the artist’s portfolio includes TVXQ, even Wu Yifan and Luhan is the company trained. On both sides, this is a cooperation of each one takes what he needs. First of all, Ali will get its resources SM support, enrich its content business, and SM’s powerful star ability, but also for Ali continue to have more IP content. South Korea’s largest entertainment company SM, the cooperation with Alibaba to enter the Chinese market to provide more help. Therefore, China and South Korea investment docking, the two sides complement each other, the powerful combination of market and support. One of the organizers of the IUIA Secretary General sun Wansong believes that South Korea as the forefront of national innovation and entrepreneurship, in accordance with the creation of economic idea, after years of development has now risen to a new stage of development, entrepreneurial enthusiasm China set off with South Korea needs. Zhenge fund partner Zheng Zhaoyu said that South Korea has advanced technology and information technology and manufacturing, Chinese investment institutions are willing to docking with South korea. In the era of economic integration, investment is no national boundaries. The attractiveness of the Chinese market for only about 50000000 of the population of South Korea, China’s population of 1 billion 300 million and the world’s largest market capacity, also has great appeal. Due to the limited capacity of the Korean market, these Korean companies if you want to have a sustainable development, choose to enter the Chinese market is undoubtedly the right path.相关的主题文章:

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