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2007 was an important year as it revolutionized the mobile industry. Apple launched its iPhone in this year and since then iPhone is crowned as Smartphone King. The versatility and rich multimedia feature of iPhone has led to the huge success. In just four years, Apple has come with 5 iOS. The most distinguishing feature of this mobile device is its tremendous potential to support any number of application and most importantly applications of any kind. The iPhone development SDK allows developers to come up with more iOS apps to extend the functionality of this fascinating mobile device. Small/Big Online entrepreneurs and online store owners and most important deal site owners have realized the necessity of launching iPhone app for their website. A survey on the targeted customer expectations would reveal the importance of iPhone compatibility for your website. People have started becoming obsessive with this Smartphone such that they touch their iPhone screen for every need. This demand rouses the iPhone application significance. If the Groupon fame and prosperity has influenced you to start your own Group Buying website, you should consider the iPhone advantage too. Choose a Groupon clone script that provides iPhone app that makes your group buying site compatible in iPhone: .grouponclone.contussupport../ . Choose a script that .es as an extension, better if its a magento extension as you can enjoy incorporating add-ons from Magento Connect to extend your deal site features. A group buying script that offers utile features such as Merchant login, Referral System, One Step Checkout process, multi-store, Gift to friend where deals can be gifted to friend, multiple side deals, etc. should be your choice. Few efficient features that make your deal site more user-friendly and effective are 1.Ability to add video for a deal 2.Gift to friend where deals can be gifted to friend 3.Image Slide show for deals 4.Google Maps and Google Analytics 5.Subscribe and unsubscribe to e-mail newsletters 6.Show Recent deals, deals, Active deals 7.Can redeem coupons 8.Social icons for more publicity Must have features that you can enjoy in admin making it an easy- to- use deal module 1.Create new deals in advance 2.Specify End Time, Deal dates, Minimum and Maximum purchase requirements 3.Ability to view all the user details and their respective purchases 4.Good reporting system 5.Featured Business 6.SEO Friendly URLs 7.Ability to place deals. 8.Set Status Box for Total Money Saved and Total Bought 9.Spam mail filter in the contact form 10.Ability to add more customized pages 11.Active and Deals can be viewed in a separate page 12.Add any number of cities or locations for different deals 13.Manage Payment methods, Orders, Invoices, Coupons and Transactions 14.Manage Configurations, Time zone, Currency and Language .petition is fierce in the Groupon industry. Hence make your target customers feel the luxurious experience from your deal site. Set up a group buying website with all utile features and exclusive add-ons like iPhone app, Android app and Facebook app to drive more traffic and earn more. – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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