Sure enough! Samsung Galaxy S8 will only surface screen version pr011.msi

Sure enough! Samsung Galaxy S8 will only curved screen version early after the release of Samsung Note7, there will be news that Samsung will bet on a curved screen, the future will be the curved screen as a symbol of the S series, cancel the direct screen version. And now, the latest news of micro-blog users @i ice universe confirmed the rumors. Micro-blog screenshot broke the news revealed the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen size, allegedly Samsung S8 is still divided into 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches in two sizes, two different size version of the code were Dream1 and Dream2. Broke the news also mentioned the Samsung S8 screen design, the key lies in the Samsung S8 will only provide a curved screen version, also said that the direct screen version was canceled. Since the launch of Samsung S6  edge, the market was Samsung took a burst of curved wind". Judging from the current market situation, curved screen design is indeed loved by users, Samsung also tasted a lot of sweetness. Many analysts believe that the future of the mobile phone market will face the screen to the direction of the development of flexible screen, then Samsung’s first shift, it should be in the mobile phone industry to lead the transition to a flexible screen?相关的主题文章:

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