Tax Lawyer Fees

Taxes Hourly rate Usually, tax attorney fees range from $200-$500 per hour. Frequently, you will pay a retainer, which is based on the man hours that they believe your case will take, before the engagement starts. If your case goes outside the estimated hours, you will then be charged for the extra hours. For straightforward cases like an "offer in .promise," you will see that the retainer will be sufficient to cover everything. However, if you have to go to trial on a tax dispute, assume your hourly fees to get to anywhere from $5,000-$20,000. Flat rate If you do not want to be shocked by hefty tax lawyer fees, you might also think about talking to your lawyer about flat fees. While you might have time pay much more than usual, you will at least be able to manage your legal expenses. Be prepared for negative consequences though, because while you have succeeded by paying a flat amount, your attorney is now left with no performance incentive to keep working on your case more than his other clients. If there is an unanticipated .plication with your case, you might want to make a performance incentive for your attorney so that you can make sure that they will work as hard as they can for you. Results-based fee Aside from flat rates and hourly fees, law firms allow for one more kind of billing arrangement referred to as the contingency fee. Law firms will only think about this if they are positive that they can win the case. Certain lawyers are willing to take cases that are results-based, since it can in reality earn them more money if they win them. You may also prefer to go for a blended approach where the lawyer will earn for a lesser hourly rate, but will have the chance to earn more when he or she gets a percentage of the amount of tax recovery. You should be aware of, however, that you will still have to pay for filing fees, phone charges, and photocopying expenses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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