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Network-Marketing Since its founding back in 1959, and undergoing many changes since, Amway Global has successfully managed to be vilified by just about every group, newspaper, naysayers and even experts in MLM (multi level marketing). However, is there really an Amway Global Business scam, or is everyone just jealous? Its product line aside, Amway Global got some bad press in the 1970s because many newcomers to their affiliate marketing program were offended by its over the top religious zeal. People who just "bought into" the company and were invited to their first local rally were lectured to by one new "millionaire" after another, espousing the benefits of being involved in such a successful organization and praising Jesus for their success. Rallies were seen as nothing more than an opportunity for those who had found success, to get up on stage and give credit to where credit was due – according to them – to Jesus. And not everyone agreed that Jesus should be at the center stage of what many perceived as a real business opportunity. Although popularity tended to take a turn for the worse, no one could argue with the quality of what they did sell. Their cleaning products were some of the best in the entire world, and people would line up to order them, and even put up with lengthy back orders and delays. At one point, Amway Global was only one of three companies who made lipstick, private labeling its own product to name brand cosmetic firms the world over. New salespeople, however, were basically on their own. They would buy their new kit, and hope for the best. No formal classes or training were ever offered. The uplines would occasionally have meetings where you were expected to invite possible new recruits, but no one ever figured out how to provide quality training. Another problem they needed to deal with was their assumption that new recruits were always broke, and their dream was to drive a Cadillac. They didn’t know how to deal with people who were actually very well off, sometimes better off than the people recruiting them into the business! Many people complained that when they showed up at various rallies and get togethers in a Mercedes or BMW, the valets had no clue what to do with them! If they weren’t driving a Caddy, they were herded into a general parking area with the Chevys and Fords. One of Amway Global’s original issues was that they touted "Amway Global can help you drive a Cadillac" and at each get together, there was always a place for the Cadillacs to park, and then all other cars would be put to the side. When BMW and Mercedes owners began complaining about being treated poorly, this practice was abandoned. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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