The decline in the performance of negative growth Ajisen stores thousands of stores plan is difficul norton disk doctor

The decline in the performance of negative growth Ajisen stores thousands of stores plan is difficult to realize Beijing daily news (reporter Qian Yu Guo Baiyu) first half results released in the first half of Chinese Ajisen, Ajisen China achieved revenues of 1 billion 395 million yuan, down 11.1%. It is worth noting that the performance continues to decline at the same time, after Chinese in stores Ajisen negative growth continued to slow growth plans. Ajisen Chinese said that the first half of the group will take a more concentrated development strategy, continue to increase the network density in Beijing, Jiangsu restaurant, Zhejiang, Shanghai city market. By the end of June this year, a total of 662 fast China Ajisen restaurants, compared to the same period last year to reduce the 2 data. After Chinese stores have Ajisen growth continued to slow down, public information, in 2014 33 China Ajisen restaurants increased, but the number of restaurants only increased 4 in 2015. According to reports, in March last year, Chinese Ajisen company chairman and chief executive of Pan comfort announced in 2015, the company plans to open 70 stores, and plans to five years to achieve the goal of 1000 stores. According to Chinese Ajisen 2014 annual report, the company a total of 669 stores, five years to add 331 stores in 2015, by contrast, the pace is somewhat small. In fact, as early as 2010, it has raised thousands of stores Ajisen plan. Also plans to reach 1000 stores within five years, can be seen from the above data, the total number of shops to the Ajisen China goal of 70%. Beijing Daily reporter called Chinese Ajisen, Ajisen China related staff said, is currently not able to interview people. Ajisen Chinese said, external economic challenges, as well as the number of competitors to enter the food market, food and beverage industry ushered in the outbreak of the takeaway. Earlier there was news that will open more than and 10 Ajisen takeaway in Shanghai and Beijing in the first half, Ajisen report also said in preparing the takeaway, but insiders said that not only continued to slow down the speed shop Ajisen is a microcosm of the external environment and the catering industry, Ajisen products serious aging, in the future market Chinese breaking is very difficult. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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