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The doctor "medical beauty" line is the rain doctor online inquiry suspicions of outpatient medical beauty consultation platform of up to 99 yuan. Offline clinic channel has also been on the line 6 U.S. medical institutions. Online inquiry platform for long-term profitability is difficult, the growth point to the medical beauty business. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that the main online inquiry has been quietly rain doctors involved in the medical field of beauty, and the way of interrogation to the line of medical cosmetology institutions drainage. But at the same time, the layout of the line under the platform of outpatient service, but did not get the qualification of medical professional management platform; there are loopholes, the platform is shown physician position is not real; in the process of investigation, high charge consulting experience is also very difficult to satisfactory. The line of outpatient qualification has been on the line of medical cosmetology suspicions of rain doctor interrogation operations in July. And expand the business to the offline clinic. It is understood that the medical beauty institutions in the business must first obtain the health care practice issued by the medical institutions practicing license, and in the development of the project with the corresponding medical beauty subjects. However, the Beijing Daily reporter inquiries found in the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the law of rain doctor operating company Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. the business scope includes: application software services; basic software services; computer system; data processing; Internet information service not including news, publication, education, medicine and medical equipment electronic bulletin board service, including medical and health information services; second in value-added telecommunications services (excluding fixed telephone information services and Internet information services); to provide Internet information service of medicines and medical equipment sales of food. Does not include medical beauty business qualifications. Beijing City Qi lawyer Liu Xueyong said that the platform operating range, and medical and medical beauty has the special nature of the industry, business playing the edge ball, may involve violations. The analysis thinks, in the online inquiry, rather than direct operation of American institutions, for the qualification, is called edge ball. Spring rain doctor’s legal business scope does not include medical beauty business consulting and opening clinics and other services. In addition, the reporter also noted that Dr. Zhang Rui, founder of spring rain last year, said publicly that by the end of 2015 in the country has been under the layout of the 300 clinics. The clinic is laid under the line of spring doctors platform clinics, doctors can make diagnosis for the user in the spring clinic. In fact, the beauty of the medical profession has been quietly extended to the next line. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in the platform client query found that only Beijing and Wuhan opened a spring outpatient service, there are 5 in Wuhan, Beijing has a total of 14, of which the United States and the United States for the studio 6. The doctor brand official said the Beijing Daily reporter, the spring side of the doctor to provide online publicity channels for doctors, while providing online consulting services for users, including Department of Dermatology, surgery doctors in public hospitals to provide advisory services. However, the Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from a number of different channels, spring clinic may have stopped. Spring rain, said the official customer service staff, spring outpatient service has been closed, does not recommend the user to pay an appointment from the platform outpatient service. On the same day, another customer service staff said that part of the spring clinic is being renovated, the business suspended appointments, users.相关的主题文章:

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