The home has two treasure, let Andy from the beginning of the parent-child reading between the broth dataload

The home has two treasure, let Andy from the beginning of the parent-child reading between the brothers. – baby pictures from the network Sohu Dabao period, I am very seriously and between the son of parent-child reading. I am from a month to its own activities began, I took for his age and white card posted all over the room, bed, wardrobe, wall…… Everywhere. Always think that the newborn baby’s world is black and white, there must be enough external sensory stimulation, a variety of functions will be developed. The more stimulation, the faster development. Black and white card is based on the theory of visual stimulation, through graphics and color on the baby’s visual stimulation. From the beginning to Dabao, he casually opened his eyes and looked around, to three or four months can be very focused on a certain card after a long, occasionally yiyiyaya speak a few words, I think for him, why not start a reading? Then, I bought a suitable age Dabao cloth book, tear rotten book and picture books and stereo picture bump. It should be said that in his mouth, almost all of the hands of the book; in his small hand can be flexible when trying to destroy things, but also in the hands of the book…… My book shelf gradually piled to the side or pathetic is packed up and his picture is suffering oppression, no shame from the corner to occupy half of the country. The parent-child reading naturally start from the beginning of time, there is interest in at any time, that was two years old when we started fixed every night; the content from the beginning of the card, this small, without first transition to fairy tales, stories, science stories…… Parent-child reading, my son and I have a very close relationship, his son enjoys the rich spiritual world, I am satisfied with his focus on parent-child reading. When the two treasure unexpectedly coming, Dabao accepted calm, let I have searched for him to explain the N more than two treasure no reason to display space. Not to say that there will be Dabao refuse? Not to say that Dabao will not be happy? Not to say that Dabao will have a variety of anxiety? The answer is Dabao: "I just want to know how to combine the sperm and the egg is become the baby." Er…… The picture from the network with Andy thrive, Dabao also gradually began to assume responsibility for one brother. The details of our lives, "four" in the play is in place. One day at home to stay, aunt holding two treasure play awfully, I stand beside fiddling with mobile phone ready to take pictures, he sat quiet reading beside us, a peaceful atmosphere. Dabao suddenly stood up and a big stretch: "Mommy, I see some boring." I patted him and said, "you can find something interesting to do!" Dabao to laugh (Yi) (Lian) by Yan (Huai) open (Xiao) said: "I read it to my brother!" I nodded. "Good idea!" Son on the shelf break up, and then come up with "Three Character Classic", Andy to mutter read: "Men at their birth, good in nature……" Strange to say, blood relationship is really magical link, two treasure at home the first person!相关的主题文章:

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