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The resignation of travel is not to escape life, but to become better yourself – [lead] tourism Sohu this may be the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Past tense" – season second – [end: resignation of travel is not to escape life, but to become better yourself] my gap year trip so hasty resignation awkwardly over, like a sudden pause. I ran back to Shanghai like a refugee, got off the plane and went straight to the hospital. My friend, Jared, had no work, so I had to carry all the big and small baggage to the hospital. A very young doctor received me. "Just travel back?" Help me to fill out the single side of the doctor asked a blood test. "Yes, India." I answer truthfully. "Wow, go so far?" The doctor looked me in the eye, I think that there is love a bit of envy, "to go alone?" "Well." I nodded, but do not want to say what, the doctor was Shiqu termination of this topic. A year ago, when I started this trip, anxious to tell the world, let everyone know, others envy of a wave of sound that makes me feel satisfied, and so will I make the right decision. But now, when the end of the trip, but I dream, become silent — I like this in the travel process, imperceptibly mature, I know that I have learned a lot of things, but does not need to tell anyone — because I don’t need other people’s eyes to feel, my heart began to become strong themselves, as I had expected. The results of the blood test came out quickly, and the doctor said I was a viral pneumonia due to decreased resistance. Jared after work to the hospital to pick me up, I saw the way almost gasped — the sunken cheeks, face color, thin body, have a great head is more big, like a child malnutrition caused by sequelae. "You’re really an indian." Jared murmured. Sitting up all night burning aircraft, but does not completely retreat, I went back to the bath, meal time to eat, went to bed early, pitch-dark took nearly 20 hours to wake up. Second days of sunshine out of window, open my eyes, my mind finally became clear, it was solidly aware, I came back, finally came back, as if a long dream, finally woke up. I get up to eat breakfast, could not help but also opened more than and 100 Paili this year accumulated to photos, memories will be as great scourges like coming towards me. Once on the road has had the intersection far apart from each other friends, their lives will continue, as few lines occasionally intersect along different directions dispersed, I have been concerned about their current situation: on the second day I left the army, began to send.相关的主题文章:

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