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These curves show: "demon treasure can dream   GO" overall heat cooling — game original title: these curves show: "demon treasure can dream GO" heat to cool down long ago, Nintendo Co’s intelligent mobile phone augmented reality game "elf treasure GO" dream, swept the world, many mobile this game is about Internet Co to occupy the user’s mobile phone usage time, but make them feel comfort and display various data index, the game began to cool in the global scope. Bloomberg quoted Asset Management Co Axiom’s report said that in the competition for the use of mobile phone users in the time of competition, Nintendo’s magic treasure can dream GO began to appear signs of failure. The company’s senior analyst Anthony (Victor Anthony) said, those worried about "demon treasure dream GO" huge market impact of the mobile Internet giants, can now breathe, including Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter and Snapchat etc.. The analysts said in the report, "demon treasure can dream GO" a few months ago, then the rapid growth in global consumption, some investors worry that the game is too hot, it will affect other mobile products and Internet Co. This game combines augmented reality technology, users can find a specific location, the wizard. The game quickly in the world become fashionable for a time. In Japan, Nintendo is also working with McDonald’s Corp, a number of fast food restaurants as a place to find elves. Wizard treasure can dream GO game hot, but also to the share price of Nintendo rose. However, some analysts believe that the recent fairy treasure can be a dream GO to enhance the performance of Nintendo is relatively limited, the company’s share price fell. However, from Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey and Apptopia mobile Internet market survey data show that all indexes of the game have crossed the peak position, began to decline, including daily active users, downloads, and game interaction scale, occupied by the user time.     analyst Anthony said that the spirit of treasure can dream GO, a variety of indicators decline curve, should be able to let other investors worried about the slightest comfort Internet Co. The analyst’s report shows that in the past month, the magic of the spirit of the dream GO has been reduced by 15 million active users. Anthony said, "if the various indicators of ELF treasure can dream GO" continued to decline, the future world will not only questioned the sustainability of the game, will be challenged all the augmented reality games. Anthony said that Google search trends related data show that people’s interest in augmented reality has declined, but the interest in virtual reality is still relatively high. Augmented reality and virtual reality are different, the former base相关的主题文章:

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