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Business Transcription involves listening and typing simultaneously. Spoken words are processed into a document file to keep the record. This recorded data is used for future purposes. The job of transcription requires accuracy by a highly skilled transcriptionist. Scholars, business executives, legal experts and medical practitioners make use of the services by transcription companies for their legal investigations, court hearings, clinical and operation reports, X-ray reports and important meetings. The main problem is to decide which transcription company should be hired? Hiring a reliable, affordable and professional transcription company is an important aspect of ensuring accuracy in the transcription work. The competency of the company is a valuable consideration. How competent, experienced and skilled they are in their professional fields, can be checked by the way in which they handle the meetings, reports, legal and medical documents. Also, testimonials of a company plays important role while reviewing the credibility and reputation of that company. An ill-famed or a novice transcription company would surely find fewer clients at their doors. One of the most essential features of a transcription work is the level of accuracy it holds. A transcription company with high level of accuracy would be trusted with crucial transcription works. A professional life necessitates securing the data and having confidentiality. A company that has an impressive record of accomplishments of being trustworthy to its clients is sure to offer high security to the confidential documents. A good transcription company should be able to meet the time limitations of its clients. The affordability of the company is a crucial factor. A good comparison of the rates charged by different transcription companies for the same work would help in determining your money’s worth. A good transcription company offers high quality customer service and aids in the technicality. The company should be able to meet the ethical standards of its clients. Virtual Assistants perform tasks relating to administration, clerical, marketing, technical, creativity and assist in development and maintenance of the clients’ websites. They use modern technologies of communication and work off-site. Business and corporate entrepreneurs, who depute their work to virtual assistants, easily focus on tasks that are more important that aid in generating more revenue resulting in increased profits. Virtual assistants take full responsibility of the administration works of the corporate so that the entrepreneurs can utilize the time, money and energy elsewhere. A virtual assistant should be experienced in the field and quick in finishing the assigned tasks successfully. Some virtual assistants go through specific training in the field to be certified for the work. Most of the virtual assistants have a background work experience as legal assistants, administrative assistants, secretary, office managers and executive assistants. Internet, telephone calls, fax machines, e-mails and online workspaces are some of the tools of communication used by virtual assistants. As most of virtual assistants work off- site, their calls are screened and connected to their clients. The profession is growing in many parts of the world especially in countries with centralized economies. Copyright (c) 2010 Ajay Prasad About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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