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Under the long shadow of a hidden gem refers to the influence of long [] temporarily dominant source of capital venture capital withdrawal A stock market today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city line tiaokongdikai stock index opened quickly after the kill, covering the August 15th upward gap, then hit intraday low, the market trend is weak, near midday closing create a new low, seems to imply that the decline has ended. Afternoon stock index remained low sideways, gem refers to the trend and almost exactly the same motherboard to maintain low narrow range. On the surface of iron and steel, continue to act as a force to support the broker role, that the part of the funds still have warm up, but the market is not continuous hot makes the market full of uncertainty. Subject shares in lithium batteries, although the performance of new shares, but the contribution to the index is not large. Morning we said the market sell adjustment belongs to one step, or low after the stabilization and recovery. Although no significant rebound, but at least stabilized. The daily MACD level indicators in a departure from the top building, short-term memory in some technical risk. 30 points below the level yesterday under the long shadow, in the fall below the wedge under the rail, weak features at a glance, so do not rule out to continue to adjust. But 15 minutes in the low MACD index has stabilized, and the trend of formation of MACD red column constantly stretched, the regression shows that more kinetic energy. At the same time, below the 20 day moving average support also boost its rebound. The gem is stronger than the motherboard market, long under the shadow of that straddle both sides launched a fight, eventually to multi dominant. Moving average faces directional choice. Overall, the gem is still looking at the motherboard face to eat, motherboard stability, gem will stabilize. Clearly caused by one of the culprits killed in early trading in the market today is the 600 billion venture capital will withdraw from the panic caused by A shares. But calm down investors will realize that the withdrawal of venture capital is not to say that the withdrawal can be withdrawn, the need for a process, do not overreact and panic. In fact, there are still many factors on the market. First, the Shanghai shares through the capital for 15 consecutive days showed a net inflow of state, today continued to flow into the $525 million, apparently still optimistic about the value of the A-share market value of A depression, will not be easy to evacuate. Secondly, the central mother after more than half a year for the first time yesterday to restart the 14 day after the operation, again today released harping continue to open the 14 day reverse repurchase operation, two consecutive days of operation of the central mother care market in the heart of remarkable. In addition, the financing off steadily overweight, two financial balance even by three day break 900 billion, a nearly 7 month high. Investors’ confidence in the continuous recovery, leading to a strong willingness to invest. The source was received: stabilize the market today sell after adjustment, although there is a weakening trend, but the trend is still good. The retracement seems to be looking for deep into the city through the capital market breakthrough, the intermediate market is still optimistic. Coupled with the G20 summit held in Hangzhou soon, dimensional stability factor certainly exists, from this level there is no reason to continue to decline. Operation on the short-term cautious operation, waiting for the trend is clear, grasp the long-term market.相关的主题文章:

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