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Vanker wife her background, exactly is where sacred public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: variety lefantian original title: 40 year old Li Weijia and his wife Victoria photograph, Scarlett loved her as her life, her deep background of Hunan TV host Li Weijia, known as Li Weijia for so many years, never with a girl of red star network spread over the scandal, the relationship is good girl it was only Sheenah and Wu Xin. In fact, Li Weijia was in love with his girlfriend, but also listen to insiders say they are already married, but two people are very low-key, so about two rumors less and less, so the wife of Li Weijia exactly is where sacred, we may wish to continue to look down. Li Weijia and his wife, Long Danni, and a photo of the girl’s girlfriend, or wife, is the day of the media, the person in charge of the president, that is, President of the, that is, the president of the world, that is, the president of the! In this position, Li Weijia enough to do anything in mango Taiwan, because such background was too strong, however, Li Weijia never thought by his wife is superior, but over the years, He Jiong would rather have a supporting role, even Wang Han later became a brother, Li Weijia or "a member of the" happy family. He Jiong, Long Danni and Li Weijia 3 photo of He Jiong worked in micro-blog sun Weijia Nelson Long Danni intimate photo, this side also confirmed this affair. The relationship between the private Li Danni and happy family is very iron, but also a lot of stars and Li Danni are good friends in the circle, the same attitude of intimacy, said the old friend". We look at a Xialong Danny in the end is where sacred? Long Danni, wife of the material, general manager of day entertainment media Co., Ltd.. 1994 graduated from Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, in 1995 to become the first batch of employees of Hunan economic TV station. In 1996, as "lucky 3721" producer. In the next few years, has launched the "true" Mstching, "I love", "absolute man", "Star Academy" and other columns. And has served as the first and the two session of the Chinese Golden Eagle TV Art Festival "star concert" director. In addition, or "Super Girls", "happy girl", "Happy Boys" and other TV shows founder, known as the "Happy girl godmother", students are famous host He Jiong. Long Danni, founder of China show November 2009, Chinese, show the founder, "Happy girl godmother" said the days of entertainment manager Long Danni with an annual salary plus bonus 30 million yuan price, leaving the Hunan TV [micro-blog] join flag hurray. January 5, 2011, Long Danni issued a statement to resign as president of China shadow Sheng, to create a day entertainment platform. He Jiong Long Danni photo Xiaobian really Vega happy, have so strong background. A lot of people say to Vega tough background, not directly in Hunan Taiwan as a supporting role. His wife, Long Danni, who is the head of the entertainment media, is president! This post is enough for Li Weijia to do anything in the mango stand, because the background is too strong相关的主题文章:

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