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Volkswagen: Premier Li Keqiang who married the German public finance matchmaking – Sohu: Chinese married Jianghuai auto industry a new round of joint wave clouds? Liu Junjing in the premier Li Keqiang personally "matchmaking", JAC desired cooperation with Volkswagen group. The evening of September 7th, from JAC (600418) emergency suspension just one day after the resumption of JAC announced its desire to set up a joint venture with the outside world news. In this one important announcement, JAC announced on September 6th in Germany and Wolfsburg Volkswagen (China) Investment Company Limited signed a joint venture cooperation memorandum of understanding, the two sides on the new energy automotive products as the basis, the establishment of a joint venture company. Jac announced that the two sides will strive to sign and sign a formal agreement within five months after the signing of the memorandum. More detailed content will then be thrown: the two sides will be in the form of cash and other tangible or intangible assets to pay 50% of the initial registered capital, the establishment of a new energy products based joint venture. The two sides also agreed that the new energy vehicles and parts in the development, production, sales, travel programs and other areas to carry out all-round cooperation. How much of this news is expected, but the more important point is that JAC and the masses of the cooperation model. On the Yangtze River and the public’s joint venture, the outside world has been speculation, JAC and the public will be copied Teng potential model. However, from the current position of the JAC, the latter will take a completely different way – Teng potential technology joint venture in the form of JAC joint mass joint venture will achieve the integration of research, production and marketing. This is the focus of outside attention, once the joint venture matters implement, teaming up with "Jianghuai Jianghuai mass" will become popular in Chinese cooperation third passenger car enterprises. The case once true, whether this will break the red line policy of foreign car companies in China joint venture in no more than two of the 20 years of constant, which is for the Chinese automobile industry and investment in China’s car prices will affect how profound is unknown. In fact, in China’s auto market to encourage new energy vehicles under the guidance of the policy, the policy makers for the new energy automotive industry related policies are very subtle attitude. Yangtze River masses of the Yangtze River and the public figure of the hand from a very casual chance. At the end of 2015, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to Hefei, visited during the JAC passenger car production base, many entrepreneurs that accompanied Merkel in China, it is the public "exhaust door" incident after exposure to the new CEO Muller. During the investigation of JAC JAC, visiting Premier Li Keqiang high spirits. In leaving Jianghuai occasion, Prime Minister Li Keqiang to the crowd of JAC staff said: "some people say you hope and Germany VW, this afternoon I will see them, I will give them about this thing." This is tantamount to the scene promised to promote cooperation between JAC and volkswagen. Since 2016, the two sessions, JAC director Changan formally recognized in germany.相关的主题文章:

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