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VR education enterprise micro cool ten million Pre-A round of financing Sohu technology recently, the first domestic enterprises VR education software development — micro cool technology limited liability company announced the completion of the current round of ten million pre-A round of financing, investors include Chinese Huarong Huarong Chak subsidiary and other famous investment company. In an China education television in an interview with reporters, as the cool CEO Yang Wei said that after this round of financing, the company will increase the introduction of talent, focus on deepening the core technology of VR system, construction of VR technology standard education industry, maintain the leader position; increase the input of VR courseware content development and market development, market education and professional training of primary and secondary market as the cool, expand market share. Although the emerging VR companies this year rise a lot, but the domestic VR companies can achieve the commercial application of small, micro cool is the domestic VR education industry first breakthrough, based on micro cool patented technology "IES immersion education system" and the development of "micro cool VR class" has been successful in Beijing, Zhongguancun two training of primary school, primary school and other famous Stadium Road primary school high grade public courses, and achieved good teaching reputation, the business model has been repeatedly test the market, won great favor of the capital market, at the same time as the central "micro cool VR class public class were also repeatedly reported. As the cool for three major difficulties of education reform, the learning interest is not high, lack of concentration, the problem of low efficiency, the use of advanced VR technology, combined with the actual teaching needs, independent research and development of micro cool "IES immersion education system", and access to national patents and intellectual property rights. Today, the micro cool has to jump out of the traditional VR courseware development level of competition, become VR integrated teaching control system of professional leader, provide VR hardware, VR control system and VR courseware three-in-one integrity VR class solutions, the "micro cool VR class" became the first "real class VR". Take the open development model as the cool VR classroom, school can directly purchase micro cool VR class, can also according to the educational needs, from micro cool to help customize a school VR teaching solutions. As the cool VR adhere to the strategic focus in the field of education, focusing on the development of VR education, not only in the high grade primary school and junior high school education, but also in the practical oil, rail, medicine, machinery, automotive, aerospace and other fields have achieved occupation education, eliminate distractions from other VR pages, and strive to maintain the existing leading the advantage, become China VR education industry leader and benchmarking.相关的主题文章:

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