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What kindergarten is good? The author | fat – Sohu maternal treasure mother last month, a lot of friends will ask me about the child’s nursery things. Although it is not feeding is to choose for each family, but here, I still want to combine some thoughts and experience to me, why do you give up, how to choose the preschools and so on several aspects, and we come to discuss this issue. My aim is, in this matter, due diligence early don’t abandon trouble investigation more seriously later running more easily. Why do you want to send it? 1 lock the small class to send a lot of reasons, for our home, the most important thing is this. The reason for the elders may seem strange, but it is really the first reason for our family to send care. Because I and the father of the child did not put the public kindergarten as the first choice, then look for the private kindergarten (mainly bilingual kindergarten) has become a very important task for us. Through personal investigation, can be very responsible to tell you, if the child to some popular private kindergarten has a certain degree of difficulty, so expect to send their children in small classes, it is more difficult. So, through to send children to school in the care stage, is a safe way of locking small bit. 2 give children more normal social scene in general, care is a year ago in small classes, kindergarten children are children 2-3 years of age (3-4 years end care education), children at this stage has been slowly with social demand, and normalization of the social scene, will gradually transition to help children in this stage for the social people. May be a lot of people will come back to me and say, we do not care, but our children brought by the grandparents to play small, the weekend will go to class early. Naturally, everyone can have their own choice, but about grandma and Grandpa take the children to the village to play this, more I see is that although many children still in the area of green space, square play, but playmates or grandparents and other adults and children exchange is not too much. In the early class is 1-2 times a week (every 1-1.5 hours), in a short period of time to have children early education courses at the same time, and other small friends, cooperation, resolve conflicts and coexistence of many things, I personally think it may be slightly hasty (compared to 6-7 hours a day of delay time). 3 as far as possible to reduce the friction caused by inter generational parenting while our elders to children is also meticulous care, but I think, can reduce the inter generational parenting, or reduce as far as possible. First, I and many friends, we all feel that the old man was too spoiled children, I said this is not entirely on the one hand, the old man really loves children, on the other hand, the old man was more afraid of the child care not, the child crying and we are to blame, thus evolved into in order to let the children cry no trouble, all conditions are met…… Thus, the focus of a lot of friends Tucao became too old to think of the child, to what to give; and the elderly feel that they pay, but also not sure. Even if.相关的主题文章:

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