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Games The market of FIFA ultimate team is not perfect, neither in reality. Sometimes the shares of a .pany would be suspended till this .pany makes clarifications or divulges some relevant info. In FIFA ultimate team, the interruptions always happen due to the programmed maintenances. It is where we could use maintenance method. When people are unable temporarily to assess market, those bids would be kept till auctions end, with no one being able to bid during this interruption period. Maintenance method will consist in bidding largest number of cards which have low bids currently according to real price of the card. Once there isn’t anyone who bid before maintenance begins, those cards would be yours. The market might be much more predictable than the others. The predictability is something differs the safe market from risk market for people to invest. IF cards market is more or less predictable, thus it is good to invest. Most FIFA gamers didn’t know what standard behavior IF cards market has as there isn’t too much concurrence. Low risk markets with few concurrence will be desirable for all good traders. You will just need to sell them when price is high and purchase them when price is low. The rules of this market perfectly work and demand curve would meet the offers in one determined point which would make price of card settled. However, what will happen for some times is that the seller might set the start price at a price that is much inferior to normal one. In such case, once there is BIN price, you have to be the first people to find it. 59th minute method will consist in being the first person to find a card. As default duration is an hour, you have to search the page in which there would be auction of which the duration remains 59 minutes so you could find the cards that are just listed for sale. Every .pany will dream of winning against concurrence, even to do this they need to buy other .panies to be able to rule this market. It means that consumers won’t be the ones to set price of product any longer. Price will get fixed by seller now, which implies naturally rather considerable  FIFA coins  profits possibilities. Price Fixing is an advanced trading technique in FUT. It will consist in getting large amount of a same kind of cards to be able to fix the price on market and earn high FIFA coins profit. Although it is not a simple method, even since it implies big budget and much availability, but the FIFA coins profits could be fantastic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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