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Why not to participate in the International Civil Aviation Conference the DPP authorities should do self-reflection Beijing – in 3 years the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) meeting in September 27th will be opened in Montreal canada. Li Dawei, director of the foreign affairs department recently confirmed that Taiwan has not received an invitation. 3 years ago, the participants are now rejected, after two contrast, the Taiwan area leader Cai Yingwen expressed a strong regret and dissatisfaction". The more intense reaction, the DPP "legislators" held a press conference, "condemned to suppress Taiwan’s international living space, called the island regardless of blue and green" unanimously". Taiwan media have clearly said, not be sad, but also expected. Cai Yingwen authorities can not only high decibel criticism of the mainland, but also to illustrate the solution to lead Taiwan out of the dilemma. Look into empty, Cai Yingwen took office after the first major diplomatic setback." Singapore "Lianhe Zaobao" and "voice of America" invariably made such an evaluation. The matter has also raised strong doubts about the authorities on the island. Ma Ying-Jeou, former Deputy Secretary General of the office of the Taiwan region, said the leader, from 1971 until after the arrival of the in 2013 to return to ICAO, the interval of 42 years between the full year of. But the horse term finally earned what Cai Yingwen once lost light, he was kicked out of ICAO. "Cai Yingwen has this opportunity, Taiwan needs enemies?" In fact, the Taiwan authorities is not without effort, but to a lot of ways. Know no good head with the mainland, the authorities would like to use the flexible demands that attended the meeting helps to obtain the latest information of international aviation safety, aviation safety and security maintenance and so on. This is a deliberate one concept, will be allowed to attend the meeting "and" flight safety "equate. Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang saying to plug back: Taiwan has been informed of the international aviation safety data and information channels are open. The DPP still hopes "backing international friends". Taiwan’s representative to Japan "Hsieh wrote the Japanese media, Japan is seeking to create a public opinion support. By the efforts of American Asia Pacific assistant secretary of state Russell et al are all different levels mentioned, "the United States encouraged the expansion of Taiwan’s international space" and "remains committed to supporting Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization" and so on. These lip-service, seems to see the hope of Montreal through Taiwan. But the effort more, not right. Montreal customs clearance password is not in the United States and japan. Ignore the "92 consensus" in the international arena to brush the sense of presence, only turned down. Cai Yingwen tore down the veil of "good faith", returned to the DPP’s "anti traditional" rhythm, I led the tragic brand "," human rights card "and" democracy ", claimed that the flight safety is" basic human rights ", and indirectly accused a central universal acceptance of the international community is" framework of democracy". In Taiwan the MAC statement, "hit", "hurt feelings" heard again. Bite back according to Taiwan media news, although not received the invitation, the Cai Yingwen administration still decided by the civil aviation authority ")相关的主题文章:

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