Wu Yifan wear lace culprit actually because of Gucci dxperience

Wu Yifan wear lace culprit actually because of GUCCI? Lead: when a woman can wear a suit, and what limits the men’s dress. Has been achieved without gender fashion in fashion circles he seems to be in this piece of land on the implementation of their bloody change plan, who is he? (Editor: jeremy–young) GUCCI 2017 spring and summer series designer joined the ghostly elements in retro literary wind. Who let Wu Yifan put on the lace so the feeling of the show is the latest GUCCI has been adhering to the design theme. From the beginning of the first exposure of the series, New Retro GUCCI image through Tom Ford has been shrouded in the aura of sexy taste, of course the bearded designer did not disappoint, he will be the mysterious oriental elements collide a fresh spark, which not only make the brand to suspend the depressed state, but also let Tastes differ all tastes. the fashion circle spoke highly of him, this person is Alessandro Michele. Designer Alessandro Michele 12 years in the GUCCI design career, he laid a very high degree of professionalism, so he has not yet righting the time may begin to outline the new face of GUCCI. Of course, his work has indeed been recognized and even sought after.     the cover of the GUCCI from the top of the magazine cover has been exposed at a glance, GUCCI has a front page in the fashion magazine (cover) occupy a place. This year, the U.S. version of the VOGUE nine issue, golden girl was wearing GUCCI retro jacket on the cover, even the high cold Prada also began to fall in love with today’s GUCCI. Alessandro Michele from the devil took the international designer of the year award trophy this year you can see the CFDA Fashion Awards, Alessandro Michele is from the devil took the international designer of the year award trophy.   Alessandro Michele broke the limits of Wu Yifan’s ability to fashion wearing GUCCI lace cover board Alessandro Michele in addition to the retro again popular, there is a breakthrough in the credit is no gender fashion, such as the Wu Yifan cover this red lace blouse. In fact, men’s women wear what is not new, but the men seemingly still immersed in a superficial reform Ziyuziyue, Alessandro Michele has successfully break the boundaries between men and women! The female element GUCCI men in printing, silk, lace, flounces, bows became an indispensable element in GUCCI men today, worthy of admiration is the designer skillfully these once put in a man will be slightly uncomfortable clothes, into a bone is a bit thinner boys just perfect, traces back to the retro letter in 70s相关的主题文章:

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