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Yiwu 3 year old girl playing the home you must have seen the almost dead staff stuck in the esophagus taken out, the United States and the United States stopped coughing, vomiting daughter, Mr. Wang and Ms. Kim excitedly took the doctor’s hand and kept saying "thank you doctor, you saved my daughter." What was stuck with her? She was coughing, drooling and vomiting Mei Mei, 3 years old, native to Jinhua, Yiwu, 28 more than 7 in the evening, she and small partners to play together, see the table placed coins, holding it easy to play. After a while, I didn’t know why, and the beautiful girl put the coin into her mouth, and she slipped into the esophagus and cried. Heard her daughter crying, busy doing housework parents rushed over and that the coin is swallowed, Mr. Wang picked up his daughter, drove rushed to a level three hospital nearby. More than 9 o’clock in the evening, the United States and the United States was sent to the emergency room Chouzhou hospital, doctor Chen Mei and ask the situation, the quick check of the digestive tract of patients with CR, CR showed a circular metal foreign bodies in the esophagus at the entrance, you need gastroscope room director Wang Weifei, director Yi Xiaohui came to do anesthesia endoscopic removal of foreign matter. At 10 o’clock in the evening, the operation began, Wang Weifei saw in the gastroscope is not actually a coin, but 2 pieces of overlapping coins stuck at the most narrow entrance of esophagus meimei. The operation lasted about 5 minutes, and the two coins stuck at the entrance of the beautiful esophagus were finally successfully taken out. Don’t put some small parts or coins gadgets for kids, don’t put a number of coins and free access to gadgets in children may place, to nip in the bud.

义乌3岁女孩玩了这个差点没命 你家肯定有   看到医护人员把卡在食道里的东西取出来,女儿美美停止了咳嗽、呕吐,王先生和金女士激动的拉着医生的手不停说着“谢谢医生,是你们救了我的女儿。”   美美到底被什么卡住了,导致她不停地咳嗽、流口水和呕吐?   美美3岁,金华义乌本地人,28号晚上7点多,她和小伙伴在一起玩,看到桌子上放着硬币,就顺手拿着玩。   过了一会,不知道为什么,美美把硬币放进了嘴里打转,结果就滑进了食道里,当时就哇哇哭起来。   听到女儿哭声,忙着做家务的爸妈赶紧跑过来,得知硬币被吞,王先生抱起女儿 ,驾车就赶往附近某三级医院。   晚上9点多,美美被送进稠州医院急诊室,值班医生陈梅问明情况后,急查患者消化道CR,CR显示患者食道入口处有圆型金属异物,需要请胃镜室主任王伟飞、麻醉室主任易小辉过来做胃镜下异物取出术。   晚上10点整,手术开始,王伟飞在胃镜下看到的居然不是一枚硬币,而是2枚相互重叠的硬币卡住了美美食管入口最狭窄处。手术进行了大约5分钟,卡在美美食管入口处的两枚硬币终于顺利地取了出来。   不要把一些小零件小玩意或硬币给孩子玩,也不要将多个硬币和小玩意随意放在小孩子可能取到的地方,做到防患于未然。相关的主题文章:

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