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Zhao Muxin: next week, 10.10 crude oil or will be a sharp correction, the silver line is about to open the opportunity to open the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Zhao Muxin: next week 10.10 crude oil or sharply callback, the opportunity is about to open the middle of silver [news] OPEC of frozen production meeting settled, finally had a result, OPEC Organization is willing to re return to the path of the price management, give great confidence in the market, you can see from the most recent price surge. But the smooth implementation of the agreement still depends on the implementation of the situation. And Russia has not been much progress, the initial agreement is hopeless, is not expected to sign an agreement with OPEC next week at the world energy conference in Istanbul. This makes the prospect of new prospects for the emergence of a new agreement. Nama, the United States in September payrolls report showed payrolls and uneven in quality, the unemployment rate is less than expected, data released after December, is expected to raise interest rates rising, the dollar short-term decline intensified. Next week should pay attention to the news, outside the election of the United States; Istanbul conference next week and Wednesday on crude oil inventory data EIA, EIA natural gas inventory data on Thursday; on Thursday ADP gold and silver trends data and fed. It is important to note that the United States on Monday, Columbo day off, crude oil EIA data postponed until Thursday evening announcement. Wei letter eia868 [crude oil market analysis] next week to give more than a single strategy on Thursday, only 50.4 profit target, but did not touch the 51.64 resistance that began to fall. Trend, from the beginning of the rise in the band of $44, the basic temporary end, although did not touch the previous high of 51.64, but the basic analysis of the previous 50.5 blocked down. Indicators also meet the needs of the downward adjustment. The daily level of KDJ has a K line with Sicha, then can complete, MACD momentum red stop shrinking, there are double Guaitou signs, 4H level, MACD and KDJ index are short signal form Sicha intact, at the beginning of the week will continue callback trend. And the weekly chart is still bullish signal, KDJ MACD divergence continued upward. That is to say, in the long-term level, the trend of crude oil is still long, but the need to follow the daily level of short-term trading in short to do. See a bear next week. This letter eia868 short-term level, 49.8 points is the key of the watershed, Friday fell broken the entity location, price channel has been out of the short term, this is the next week bearish oil condition. Crude oil operation strategy 1, rebound empty strategy. 2, the resistance point above 49.6, 49.93, stop at the point of 50.5. Target look to 46.6, this is the band target, short-term target consultation. Silver market analysis theory相关的主题文章:

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