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Zong Ning: things don’t live long, the young whale – good future micro Sohu eleven lively science and technology really is to see no end. Two days ago, Ali travel officially changed his name to "flying pig", the success of scraper, science and technology circle has become a zoo. Last year, the cats and dogs to the zoo this year eye-opening, revival, double eleven has not arrived yet, the music video and millet began to put out a big move, the attitude. The animal "heavyweight" on behalf of the micro whale, this year is a variety pattern, to all men of God William Chan young people love to see the whale, opened a micro finish, buy buy buy stop double eleven marketing. The signing of William Chan, preparing for the double eleven in double eleven Eve, rushed to sign the micro whale mogul William Chan, become his new term spokesperson. It can be said that William Chan is currently very popular in the mainland of Hongkong star, the most important is that the film songs in three aspects of development is very good, some time ago the "hot" old nine door I have been, even in chase drama, William Chan plays the role of the big Buddha image of the people, by the younger generation of fans. The choice of William Chan micro whale, but also a breakthrough in the marketing of young people. Micro whales make this kind of choice, but also because of their young people always stressed and interactive, cultivating young users. Although the television industry itself is in decline, the TV watching people think that the elderly. But the field of smart TV, it is completely different, choose smart TV or pay more attention to the copyright and content of young people. Especially gradually marry and settle down 80 after 90, is the main force of smart TV consumption. The micro whale technology CEO also said to create a better entertainment experience for young Chinese families. This is why the micro whale has always been the product quality, performance and design in the first place, rather than blindly follow the reasons for cost-effective route. Show double eleven party, the largest promotional Carnival this year’s Denver double eleven party, almost every shot that you may see the whale micro TV figure, this is because the micro whale is this year eleven party contributing partners. Eleven is the current Chinese and the world’s largest shopping carnival, while the double eleven party is currently viewing is leading a large party, it is important that the party’s main audience is young users of online shopping. Micro whale selection in the evening of eleven pairs of force, the purpose is to dig deep into their own target users, so in the marketing of the whole party, almost to the point of complete embedding. Not only includes the product exposed, as well as the embedded program, and even the host’s mouth broadcast advertising, micro whale also accounted for a lot of weight, it can be said that the full eleven party into their own home. In fact, the origin of micro whales and Tmall is much more than that in 2015, the double eleven, micro whale is Tmall to the hands of users of the first single commodity, become CCTV reported Taobao whole network receiving the first person, and the micro whale 4K 55 inch smart TV is double last year’s eleven single product sales champion. However, more in-depth cooperation with Tmall is reflected in the technical aspects. This year is the first year of broadcast, Tmall also launched its own live channels, consumers can directly watch the video.相关的主题文章:

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